Chia Sing Screw Industrial Co., Ltd. е еден од реномирани производители, добавувачи и извозници на Метална завртка, со една фабрика во Taiwan. Со години на работно искуство во линија на одлуки, ние се познати за нашите извонредни перформанси во индустријата. Ние се помогна како една од водечки бренд во Taiwan. Ние постојано се надградуваме нашите производи да ги исполнуваат меѓународните стандарди. Ние сме тим од професионалци, кој предвидува навремени испораки со висок quality.Our искреноста и им помогна на напорна работа ни одговара нашиот квалитет со меѓународните стандарди.


Chia Sing was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1972, specializing in the production of various industrial fasteners. Following the quality policy of "Customer Satisfaction", we have received support from domestic and foreign customers. In order to expand the market and production demand. Chia Sing Fastener Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 1998.In terms of software, Chia Sing adopts ERP network management, fully implemented IATF16949, ISO9001 quality system, and supporting system ISO14001. In terms of hardware, advanced and diverse production equipment, the products cover the automotive, motor, electronics and other industries to meet the needs of different customers.
In 1972, Taiwan factory was established.
In 1985, Taiwan passed ISO9002 quality system certification.
In 1998, Suzhou factory was established.
In 2000, Taiwan passed QS9000 quality system certification.
In 2001, Suzhou passed QS9000 quality system certification.
In 2005, Suzhou established a heat treatment plant.
In 2005, Suzhou established stamping factory.
In 2006, Taiwan passed ISO9001 quality system certification.
In 2006, Suzhou passed TS16949 and ISO14001 quality system certification.
In 2010, Suzhou established electroplating factory.
In 2013, Suzhou established Bushing factory.
In 2016, Taiwan established Hsinchu factory for expanding production.
In 2018, Suzhou passed IATF16949 quality system certification.
In 2023, Chia Sing Sustainable Development Report.

Нашата искреност и напорна работа ни помагаат да одговара на квалитетот на нашите

Метална завртка

со меѓународните стандарди. Според различни видови на производство барања, ние нудиме услуги совршен за вас.